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  • UI Engineer

    Aragon One is a remote team on a fight for freedom. We build tools to create and manage decentralized organizations for as many use cases and social contexts as possible. We believe global, bureaucracy-free organizations can solve the world's worst problems.

    Aragon One is a small team of people with a broad range of backgrounds and experiences. You could build the tools to run decentralized organizations with someone from Canada or Argentina, plan our next product launch with a dropout or someone with a PhD, or show everyone your asado, beer brewing or coffee tasting skills at one of our quarterly offsites.

    UI engineering connects the people with the product. As Aragon One looks beyond developer tools, we're looking for UI Engineers with a love for beautiful, well-crafted, pixel-perfect interfaces that enable users to easily build their organizations on top of Aragon.

    We're building a native toolkit of React UI components for decentralized apps, based on the Aragon Design System. We care about our product's quality standards and consistency, shipping faster and more efficiently, making the toolkit accessible to other app developers and scalable to the entire ecosystem.


    • Develop, ship, and maintain the Aragon UI, an Aragon-native toolkit of React UI components for decentralized apps, based on the Aragon Design System.
    • Develop, ship, and maintain quality interfaces for the Aragon client and Aragon Court.
    • Work with our design team to transform ideas and designs into modern, clean, and readable code.
    • Research, develop, test and implement features on web applications built with modern technologies.
    • Collaborate with the product team to define new product features.


    • Experience working with modern JavaScript tools like ES6+, Web APIs, CSS, React, Styled Components, and resource optimization tools.
    • Proven ability to ship quality, well-crafted code within tight deadlines.
    • Being detail-oriented with attention to UX/UI design.
    • Being passionate about open source and decentralization.
    • Being an autonomous individual with a proactive attitude and a love for time self-management. We work focus-driven, not hours-driven.


    • Experience working with Web3 technologies.
    • Previous experience contributing or managing open source projects.
    • Previous experience working remotely.

    Aragon One is a fully remote, open-source company with headquarters in Zug, Switzerland. You can follow our projects and start contributing today through Aragon's Github.

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